On the Farm - Twine Journal  - Cow & Baby - Burgundy
On the Farm - Twine Journal  - Cow & Baby - Burgundy
On the Farm - Twine Journal  - Cow & Baby - Burgundy

On the Farm - Twine Journal - Cow & Baby - Burgundy

The Artist Reproductions - Twine Journal and Scratch Pad Set - includes one Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ Twine Journal and one Scratch Pad in bright and cheery batik art!

Buy this set and save! It's less expensive than if you buy these items separately.

The artwork, by artist Patty Lode, captures the exotic and delicate art of Thailand in this magical and imaginative scene, featuring our beloved elephant enjoying a whimsical sunrise.

The design is an intricate combination of vegetable dye-printed and hand-cut papers, resulting in brilliant colors and interesting edges. Each scene is produced on a different colored background: your choice of blue, red or teal.

We create various colors of Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ using dyes created from food coloring, resulting in rich, natural and lasting colors. This Batik Inspired collection also includes our new twine journals, whose twine binding adds to the authentic and overall hand-crafted aspect.

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Journal dimensions are 7 x 7.75" and the outer covers are thick and sturdy. This On The Farm Inspired collection also features our new twine binding, which adds to the authentic and unique, hand-crafted aspect.

Inside, 20 Smooth and blank pages of Cow POOPOOPAPER™ await. Perfect for note taking, art DOOdling, sketching and travel journaling! 


Each Twine Journal and Scratch Pad Set comes with the complete POOPOOPAPER™which we think are fantastic examples of sustainability, responsible production and consumption - whereby we take a material in abundance - Cow Poo and then make functional and completely useful paper products - all the while sparing lots of trees in the process!