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Eco-Friendly, Tree-free, Chemical free, sustainable POOPOOPAPER Themes and Collections
POOPOOPAPER is 100% Organic and is made with Real Poo!
POOPOOPAPER is 100% Tree Free
POOPOOPAPER is 100% Free from Bleaches and Chemicals!

POOPOOPAPERTM Product Categories

POOPOOPAPER™ makes unique, handcrafted, tree-free, eco-friendly, odorless (of course!) paper, gift and stationery products made from Elephant, Donkey, Horse and Cow poo - also known as poop, pooh, dung, turds & stools.

Our paper and handcrafted paper products are made from poop fibers mixed with seasonally available agricultural waste fibers - such as banana stock, hay, corn husks and others.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Tree-Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Sustainable Product & Production Process
  • Hand-crafted using age-old techniques, skills and traditions
  • Friendly to both people and our planet

We think our journals, notepads, sheets, stationery and gift items are a statement to the kind of world we want to live in.

We're thinking that Elephants are not slow readers, just BIG readers...our Handcrafted, Elephant POOPOOPAPERTM bookmarks are perfect for marking a page in a textbook or novel and makes an excellent party favor! POOPOOPAER is an eco-friendly, green, sustainable choice...
Our Greeting Cards are handcrafted and an amazing choice for an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative sourced paper & paper products. All POOPOOPAPERTM paper is made from 85% poop fibers mixed with additional seasonally available agricultural waste fibers such as ban...
We LOVE Educating. Here you will find our Education Sample and Classroom Kits.
Our Flower Collection contains our incredible Hand-Crafted Roses as well as some of our most intricate, bright and cheerful Floral themed designs.
We have a wide selection of Holiday and Special Occasion themed POOPOOPAPER just for you!
Eco-friendly, POOPOOPAPERTM journals, notebooks, note pads, diaries and sketch books are handcrafted using our many varieties of elephant, cow, horse, and donkey poo, poop, dung fibers (Whatever you personally call it)! No bleach. No chlorine. POOPOOPAPERT...
POOPOOPAPERTM Brand's memorable collection of eco-friendly, green, sustainable and handmade paper products are made with recycled elephant poo, cow poo, horse poo, or donkey poo.From our Classic designs through to whimsical, pun-derful & Poo-litical - POO...
This is going to be an amazing POOPOOPAPER Collection!
All POOPOOPAPERTM sheets and envelopes are lignin and acid-free, and are of archival quality. Our 22 lb. bond equivalent sheets and envelopes can be feed through most printers.

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