Inspirational POOPOOPAPER - Believe - Journal
Inspirational POOPOOPAPER - Believe - Journal
Inspirational POOPOOPAPER - Believe - Journal
Inspirational POOPOOPAPER - Believe - Journal

Inspirational POOPOOPAPER - Believe - Journal

POOPOOPAPERTM Scratch Pads are handmade, tree-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, odorless (of course!) and made with recycled Elephant Poo.

Scratch Pad dimensions are 4 x 4 x 1 " and the outer cover is crafted from different colored papers.

Inside, 70 blank pages of Elephant POOPOOPAPER which contains natural flecks in adding to the texture and appearance. Whether call them jotters, note blocks, scratch pads or note pads, they are perfect for notes and make a cool addition to any desk, backpack or book bag!

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Perhaps our most sophisticated and softly colored collection, our INSPIRATIONAL line showcases our original recycled art icons, flowers, insects and of course, flying elephants! We created these products with the student, the professional and even the young at heart in mind.

Featuring themes of optimism, hope and possibility this assortment of ring journals and scratch pads appeal to those who may not sniff out our straight poop offerings.

Series: Inspirational
Title: Believe - Journal



Journal dimensions are 6 x 4" and the outer covers are thick and sturdy. The smooth color continues from front to back, with a silver ring bind. Each has the POOPOOPAPERTM inspirational pattern and message printed on the cover using our soy and vegetable-based inks.

Inside, 50 blank journal pages contain natural flecks in the paper which add to the exotic texture and appearance. Perfect for note taking, art DOOdling, sketching or as a memory journal. Smooth as can be for that first attempt at poetry, peace-making, song-writing or the more conventional homework, notes and grocery lists.



Each Journal & Scratch Pad Set comes with the complete POOPOOPAPER™ which we think are fantastic examples of sustainability, responsible production and consumption - whereby we take a material in abundance - Elephant Poo and then make functional and completely useful paper products - all the while sparing lots of trees in the process!

Available in 6 different color combinations the handy small size is perfect for notes and makes an noteworthy addition to any desk or nook! The cover will inspire you and the inside pages will allow you to doo (ok, write) great things!


Don't forget - Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ is a 100% Organic and sustainable paper product that is hand-crafted using age-old techniques, skills and traditions that are friendly to both people and our planet!

Read more about the Poop to Paper Process.