Donkey POOPOOPAPER™ is made from Donkey dung and  is made following a similar process as our original Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ but using Donkey poop instead.

Eco-Friendly, Tree-free, Chemical free, sustainable Donkey POOPOOPAPER Sheets
POOPOOPAPER is 100% Organic and is made with Real Poo!
POOPOOPAPER is 100% Tree Free
POOPOOPAPER is 100% Free from Bleaches and Chemicals!


We've spent over 15 years working with and creating paper from natural and sustainable resources, using traditional techniques and process that haven't changed very much in thousands of years.

Over time and through much experimentation, we were able to transpose our pulp recipes from Elephant poo to Donkey, Cow & Horse dung - as well as other animals - for new types of sustainable, tree-free paper - like our line of Cow POOPOOPAPERTM Products, Sheets and Envelopes.

Our Donkey POOPOOPAPERTM is an example of our desire to push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable, tree-free, natural, organic paper making.

    Donkey POOPOOPAPERTM Sheets & Envelopes are:

  • Lignin and acid-free
  • Archival Quality
  • 22 lb. bond equivalentQuality
  • Feeds Through most Printers
  • Our Smoothest Sheet Ever!

Our Donkey POOPOOPAPERTM, like all of the paper we make from Poo, Pooh, Poop, Dung or what ever your word for excrement happens to be - is odor-free (of course) and completely organic.

We create an ever changing and amazing variety of colors using chemical free dyes created from vegetable based food coloring and we use no chemicals or bleaches in our processes - the reason we do not produce white paper.

Each and every product that we create is hand-crafted by us.

It's not just our Donkey POOPOOPAPERTM that is made from sustainable resources and is completely tree-free - but all of the paper that we make.


on all orders over $50.

  • Classic Donkey POOPOOPAPER Two-Toned Large Journal - Blue
    Classic Donkey POOPOOPAPER Two-Toned Large Journal - Blue
    Classic Donkey POOPOOPAPER Two-Toned Large Journal - Blue
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  • The POOPOOPAPER Poop to Paper Process

    Find out more about our amazing, tree-free, eco-friendly, odor free (of course), organic, chemical free, hand-crafted, incredible, amazing and unique POOPOOPAPERTM Read about our POOP to Paper Process.

    We want to be part of the solution and not a part of the problem and as a result, at the core of everything we do - is our commitment to both the planet we inhabit and the people on the POOPOOPAPER team. And we'd love for you to read about and understand some of the great initiatives we've supported and the social, business and environmental principals we adhere to which are not just a part of the POOPOOPAPERTM culture and philospophy - but how we choose to live out lives.