Eco-Friendly, Tree-Free POOPOOPAPER - Classic POOPOOPAPER - Mini-Journal - Blue - Set of 3 - Front
Eco-Friendly, Tree-Free POOPOOPAPER - Classic POOPOOPAPER - Mini-Journal - Blue - Set of 3 - Back

Classic POOPOOPAPER - Mini-Journal - Blue - Set of 3

Elephant poop is the most accessible type of poop where our factory is in Thailand due to the large (yet unfortunately dwindling) number of elephants in that part of the world. Therefore, on account of there being such an enormous amount of elephant poop, many of our products are made from POOPOOPAPERTM made with elephant poo...including our Jungle Safari Collection

Using several layers of colored Elephant POOPOOPAPERTM we create a replica pattern of the beautiful zebra, in off-white and black tones. This wild graphic equine captures the heart of animal lovers and the eye of design-savvy customers alike!

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All Journals come with the complete story of Elephant POOPOOPAPERTM - which we think  is a  fantastic example of sustainability and responsible consumption -  whereby we take a material in abundance - Elephant Poo, and make functional and completely useful paper products - all the while sparing lots of trees in the process!

Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.25"
Pages: 20 Blank pages
Title: Mini-Journal - Blue

Perfect for note taking, art doodling, sketching or as a memory journal. Not suited for delicate writing projects, but we did say art DOOdles, right?

Don't forget - Elephant POOPOOPAPER™ is a 100% Organic and sustainable paper product that is hand-crafted using age-old techniques, skills and traditions that are friendly to both people and our planet!

Read more about the Poop to Paper Process.